Kitchen Specs – From Cabinet Colors to Hardware


Jan 24, 2022

Kitchen Update || Peach Meets Pine

With January being entirely dedicated to our kitchen, I wanted to create a blog post that had every kitchen spec included. From the Kraftmaid cabinet colors to the hardware and even the tile. Kitchens are a massive part of homes. This also means there are a massive amount of decisions to be made while designing them.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kraftmaid Cabinet Colors

If I was to pick one thing that was the hardest for me to design it would be our kitchen. For whatever reason, cabinet colors threw me for a loop and I struggled to determine just how dark or light the cabinets would turn out. (A huge help was taking the samples and making them flush with our walls. Often I would look at the samples with the sample placed horizontally with the light shining down on sample.) We ended up going with Kraftmaid cabinet color Pebble Grey and their new shade of Husk.

Cabinet colors
Outers – Pebble Grey in Maple and a Suede Finish
Island – Husk in Maple and a Suede Finish

Cabinet Organization

While I hemmed and hawed over the colors, #lee pretty much knew what he wanted as far as organization. We didn’t go too aggressive with custom cabinets – there are SO MANY options and they add up SO fast- but we added a few that made our space a lot more functional.

Base Utensil Pull-out
Base Pantry Pull-out (great for spices around your oven!)
Knife Section Kit Drawer
Stainless Utensil Tray Kit (for the kitchen sink!)
Wood Tiered Drawer Storage kit
Top Hinge Cabinet (to hide our microwave)

I will say this even if you can’t add all the customized pull out options it does seem like there


It became pretty clear early on that we preferred black countertops. While I love white, bright spaces I didn’t love the idea of having white countertops stained with red wain and I love any opportunity to mix in some contrast. The issue was more narrowing down a dark countertop that fit within our budget and style. We ultimately ended up going with Absolute Black Granite in a Honed, Micro-Brushed texture. That’s a lot of words to say our countertops have a matte, tangible feel to them. I was really hesitant to go with the micro-brushed texture, but actually love how much more character it adds to them.

Empira Black Caesarstone was a quartz we considered briefly, but just couldn’t justify going that outside of our budget.

A few other dark countertop choices out there is soapstone or black marble. These were outside of our budget and too much veining for our taste, respectively.


To help make our neutral grey Kraftmaid cabinets more warm-toned I used warm antique brass hardware. There is a lot of different brass shades out there but I tend to like the antique shades. The vintage hardware that we used is listed here.

The Kraus sink faucet was such a surprise! It turned out to be the best of form and function.

Vintage Kitchen Design || Peach Meets Pine


All of the things that helped tie our kitchen together:

Leather Stools

Rattan Pendants

Over the sink lights

Backsplash tile (5″ x 5″ white)

Floating Shelves

Beautiful Appliances



Kitchen Specs – From Cabinet Colors to Hardware


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