An Austin TX To-Do List


Dec 5, 2016

I was going to try and drag out my travel posts a bit longer because my last trip was just so warm and so un-holiday-esque… but I’m too excited to share all of our finds to really sit on them for very long.  And even though they aren’t Christmas or Holiday themed, hopefully you can still enjoy them!

I have to say I’m notorious for needing a specified schedule when traveling (#itinerariessavelives) but this time I was far too busy before traveling to be bothered with more than a couple quick Google searches of “must see’s” for the notorious city.

So, I skipped the whole travel diary route and am giving you an easily Googled to-do list.

Austin, TX Infamous Sign

I’m sure you have heard of Austin, TX.  It’s the ultra hip and unique capital of the big state, known for it’s food (Y U M) and music scene, with the saying of  ‘Keep Austin Weird.’  L’s family is from a small town near Austin so it wasn’t his first visit and he had talked it up quite a bit.

And it definitely didn’t disappoint.



I honestly thought this well photographed sign along the Roadhouse Relics art gallery was going to be just a tourist trap, but nope! We stepped out super quick to grab a photograph and eventually became window peepers to the art gallery.

You could easily skip this, but if you are in the neighborhood of Esby apparel or Torchy’s Tacos, I say swing by and appreciate it.

Rainy Street

A little street lined with redone homes converted to bars with food trucks strategically tucked around them.  To say this was my favorite destination of the trip would be an understatement.  I had a whole list of shops I wanted to visit, but L quickly convinced me to abandon them and spend three of our nights down on Rainey street.  He was right – totally worth it. 🙂

Little Lucy’s Donut truck (that bright pink cutie you will see if you keep scrolling) was a place I frequented no less than three times… but can you blame me??? It was pink.  They had donuts.  And they named all the donuts after pups!!! I was hooked.

Icenhauer’s was a bar we ended up risking a late parking ticket because a local band had us dancing.  And let me just say, they have the best sangrias.  Plus, the deep dish Detriot style pizza truck behind Craft Pride brewery was L’s absolute favorite as he hardly ever gets deep dish meals having a gluten allergy.

Vera Cruz Taco Truck


Let’s just put it this way – I’m a picky eater.  And even Vera Cruz’s  Fajita Steak tacos had me raising my eyebrows wondering if they would be worth the wait.. but I went back for seconds.  And tried to steal some of L’s to make it thirds.  🙂 They also have these Agua Fresca drinks that neither of us couldn’t stop sucking down.

Keep in mind this a little tiny taco truck… that never, ever stopped having a line.  I absolutely loved the small business vibes in this town!

The Oasis at Lake Travis

We missed the sunset by just a couple hours at this restaurant and I’m really bummed! The restaurant is 450 feet above the lake and the scenery was breathtaking.

Unfortunately, the food is not.  I would say head there for a few pre dinner drinks, enjoy the views.. but don’t waste your money on the food.

Austin Texas Rainey Street

VeraCruz Taco Truck Austin Texas

Austin Texas Rainey Street

Austin Texas Rainey Street

Capital Building in Austin Texas

The Oasis Austin Texas

^^ Lake Travis was  b r e a t h t a k i n g… the food was not.

Austin Texas Travel

Josephine House Austin TX

Josephine House Austin TX

Austin Texas Travel

Josephine House

This is one place I absolutely begged L to make a special stop for.  I unfortunately ate right before visiting the visually appealling restaurant (lots of white ship lip, wood floors and a marble bar) so I’m not able to speak for their food, but their rosé was possibly the best glass I’ve ever had so I’m guessing the food would have been similar.

The Josephine House is hands down the most expensive place we visited and even just a glass of wine and some dessert put us out of about $35.

The Capital Building

Oh yes, I’m certainly not opposed to the typical tourist traps and this is one that easily worth it. The capital building of Texas is absolutely massive.  In fact, it’s actually larger than White House in D.C – everything is bigger in Texas!  The dome building was fun to wonder around in and suck in some history.

Ever since I started traveling by myself for work, I started to really enjoy learning about the history of the area I was traveling in.  It’s a fun way to experience a new city and see a place as more than just an enticing Instagram photo.

Austin Texas Capital Building

Austin Texas travel

Austin Texas Capital Building

Austin Texas Capital Building

I hope you loved scrolling those these bright, sunshine-y photos, as I know the majority of us are battling holiday cold fronts! And I also hope you get to visit this vibrant city and find your own to-dos.

Soooo… have you ever visited Austin? What did I miss??

xo Kelsey

PS If you missed the first leg of our Texas adventures you can always catch up here.



An Austin TX To-Do List


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