Mini Beauty Favorites


Dec 9, 2016

For quite some time now I’ve slowly watched my vanity get taken over by a lot of mini’s.  Partially because I receive Birchbox every month and partially because they have been nailing it with their samples. And also because mini’s are absolutely perfect for travel. I’m always willing to make a little extra room in my suitcase for skincare, but it’s a bit of a relief when I get more mini’s than over sized products.

Whether you are a mini lover or a mini avoider, I thought I would share the mini’s that seem quite mighty once you give them the chance.


^^ My favorite new purse (similar)

Stila Liquid Lipsticks

Kiehl’s Eye Cream – This was one of my first purchases where I had buyer’s remorse  i m m e d i a t e l y.  It was just so tiny + so pricey… But one year later I’m fully committed to this teeny tiny jar.  Kiehl’s creamy Avocado eye cream is a dream for tired, dry eyes and I feel like I’m getting an unreal amount of moisture from such a tiny jar.

Stila Liquid Lipstick – I haven’t been buying near as many lipsticks thanks to these little guys.  Once I discovered that the Stila Liquid Lippies  d o  n o t  budge, I’ve been a little hesitant to buy much else, as having to reapply midday is just so inconvenient anymore.

So of course, I made sure this mini three piece from Birchbox came with my last month’s subscription.  (They now have a a seven piece kit that I so wish I would have been patient for!) I adore the color payoff from this brand and if you are a bit nervous about trying out a liquid lipstick I would say try the color Patina first as it’s a beautiful “no color” color.

Moistfull Deep Collagen Cream –  This mini is from a new favorite of my mine, Beauty Beyond Borders.  It’s a rich cream packed with collagen and without harmful parabens, giving my skin a beautiful plump feel.  It is a bit oily in my opinion, though with as cold as Wyoming as been lately I certainly don’t mind an extra moisture right now.

Bonus:  The full size is about half as cheap as most products offered in the states.

Liz Earle Cleanser– This is a mini I’ve gotten quite attached to.  It came with a muslin cloth specifically designed to help slough away dead skin and the Liz Earle cleanser soothes my skin, all while completely removing all my makeup.  So when I saw that Birchbox had a kit filled with Liz Earle goodies I jumped on it.  Meaning I’ll have lots of minis to bring with me on my travels now!  And it doesn’t hurt the natural

Origins Mask Pods – I swear these little face mask pods from Origins are anything but ‘mini.’  I easily get three uses out of them,  p l u s  I get to pick which pods I want to include in a six unit carrier.  My absolute go to masks are their Ten Minute Problem mask and their Drink Up Overnight mask.

Unfortunately the pods aren’t available online, but just use this as your new excuse to make a shopping trip out to your local Sephora! You’re welcome 🙂

Clearly my vanity is starting to be taken over by all these mini’s (and lots of Birchbox add ons!), but they are truly some of my most loved products.

What about you? Are you a mini lover or hater?

xo Kelsey



Mini Beauty Favorites


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